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I love to do trades! A list of things I'm interested in trading for can be found HERE.


USA/Canada: Purchase below
Europe: Fairytales Reborn Nursery (UK)
Debbie's Reborn Doll Kits (UK)
Once So Real (Germany)
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Australia: City of Reborn Angels
Tiny Tots Nursery
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Angel Babies
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NEW! Lilliana Doll Kit (Pre-Order)

LillianaLillianaMy newest doll kit, Lilliana, has just been born and is taking her first look around her new world! Lilliana is made of soft vinyl (phalate free) in a wonderful neutral color!  The kit includes: head, arms, legs, and a numbered certificate. Lilliana has 3/4 arms and full front-loading legs.  She is a preemie/small newborn size with a head circumference of about 12.5" and length of about 17” long when completed! Her eye size is 18mm, but I would recommend a size smaller if you are using the German glass eyes with the large iris and want some of the white to show. Lilliana will be a limited edition. The edition size will be determined by the number of pre-orders received, so be sure to pre-order if you would like to have your own Lilliana!

Click HERE to see more pictures of Lilliana!

A small number of Lilliana kits will be available at the ROSE International Doll Show, July 14th-18th in Denver CO. She will also be the special class kit that students will get to create in Ronda Scott's Air Dry Painting Class at the show. (Click HERE to go to the show website for details on Ronda's class) Pre-ordered kits are scheduled to begin shipping when I return home from the show.

Because my Lilliana and Adelynn doll kits are the same size and share limbs, I would like to offer a discount for those who would like to purchase both kits to make them as twins! So, if you purchase a Lilliana kit you will also have the option to purchase an Adelynn kit at $20 off (only $55)! Email me to get the deal!

Doe suede bodies are available for an extra $12.99. Please see the bottom of this page or your shopping cart for shipping rates. *****Important: if you are from Canda, please select the pre-order deposit button. On May 31st shipping rates to Canada are changing, so if you pay in full your shipping cost will not be accurate.*****

Lilliana pre-order pay in full - $74.99 Lilliana pre-order deposit - $20
Do you want a body?
Do you want a body?

AdelynnAdelynnAdelynn Doll Kit

Adeylnn is a sweet sleeping baby made of soft vinyl (phalate free) in a wonderful neutral color!  The kit includes: head, arms, legs, and a numbered certificate.  Adelynn has 3/4 arms and full legs.  She will be perfect preemie size of 17” long when completed! Adelynn's head circumference is 12" around. Adeylnn is limited to only 350 kits worldwide!

Doe suede bodies are available for an extra $12.99. Please see the bottom of this page or your shopping cart for shipping rates.

Click HERE to see more pictures of Adelynn!

Adelynn Doll Kit - $74.99 LIMBS ONLY from Adelynn kit - $39.99
Do you want a body?
Do you want a body?

Sweet CheeksSweet CheeksSALE! Sweet Cheeks Doll Kit

Sweet Cheeks was inspired by the work of Bessie Pease Gutmann, Charlotte Becker, and other similar artists. Sweet Cheeks is made of soft vinyl (phalate free) in a wonderful neutral color! The kit includes: head, arms, legs, and a numbered certificate. Sweet Cheeks will be limited to only 200 kits worldwide! Sweet Cheeks has 3/4 arms and full legs (with joints). She will be 18" long when completed and her head circumference is 12.5". Her eye size is 20mm, or I recommend using 18mm if they are German glass eyes.

Doe suede bodies are available for an extra $12.99. Belly plates are avaailable for an extra $14.99. The default body for Sweet Cheeks is the body with jointed legs as shown in her pictures. If you would like a different type of body, please make a note on the Paypal payment. Please see the bottom of this page or your shopping cart for shipping rates.

Click HERE to see more pictures of Sweet Cheeks.

Sweet Cheeks Doll Kit - $69.99 SALE $49.99
Do you want a body or belly plate?

Belly plateBelly Plates

These belly plates are full wrap around belly plates that fit Sweet Cheeks, Sawyer, or other dolls 19"-21" long. (In my opinion they are too big for my Adelynn kit) The belly plate covers the sides of the body so that you can't see the cloth body! The belly plate measures about 8" from neck to crotch, 9" from shoulder to crotch, and 11" around the belly side to side. The color of the vinyl will easily match any of my kits. You can view more pictures of this belly plate under the Sawyer Gallery Page.

Please see the bottom of this page or your shopping cart for shipping rates.

Belly Plates - $14.99
doe suede bodydoe suede body

Doe Suede Bodies

These doe suede bodies will fit doll kits with 3/4 arms and full legs. These bodies were custom made to my specifications and are very nicely proportioned!  They have gathered bottoms.  The 20" bodies measure about 10.5" from neck to crotch when stuffed, or 9" in length. The 18" bodies measure about 9.5" from neck to crotch when stuffed, or 8" in length. The 18" front loading bodies measure 8" from neck to crotch.

Plastic barb cable ties come along with the bodies as my free gift to you. If you prefer the kind of cable ties with metal barbs or if you need extra cable ties, you may purchase them from a reborn supply shop. The bodies are only available in one fabric color, but it is a neutral beige color so it works well with both Caucasian and AA babies.

Click HERE to see more pictures.

20" Bodies Fit: 18" Bodies Fit: 19" Full Limb bodies fit:

Winnie by Emily Jameson
Micaiah by Emily Jameson
Will by Natalie Scholl
Livia by Gudrun Legler
Asher & Emmaline by Donna Lee
Jamie & Amy by Olga Auer
Lotus, Daisy, & Noor by Adrie Stoete
Spencer by Wendy Dickison
Noah, Hannah, & Joshua by Reva Schick
Jasmine by Dawn Donofrio
Sugar & Honey by Donna Rubert
Seraphina & Franklin Marx
Spencer by Joanna Gomes
Scarlet by Cindy Musgrove
And MORE!!!

Adelynn by Emily Jameson
Sweet Cheeks by Emily Jameson
Coco-Malu by Elisa Marx
Ivy by Elisa Marx
Ben Loui by Elisa Marx
Josiah, Walter, Shylah, & Melody
          by Laura Tuzio Ross
Deidre by Adrie Stoete
Adrie Stoete Mix and Match kits (Sammie, Serah, Annie, etc.)
Elodie by Evelina Wosnjuk
Michelle by Evelina Wosnjuk
Milaine by Evelina Wosnjuk
Khian by Tina Kewy
Maisie by Marita Winters
And MORE!!!

Sawyer by Emily Jameson
Sally by Bonnie Brown
Bella by Andrea Arcello
Everleigh by Laura Lee Eagles
Quinlynn by Laura Lee Eagles
Esme by Laura Lee Eagles
Knox by Laura Lee Eagles
Miracle by Laura Lee Eagles
Sweet Carolina by Marita Winters
Tavi by Marita Winters
And MORE!!!


Please see the bottom of this page or your shopping cart for shipping rates.

Please note that I will be discontinuing my 17-18" bodies with 3/4 arms and SIDE-loading full legs (both jointed and non-jointed styles). I am replacing those two styles with the 17-18" FRONT-loading full legs body because I feel it fits my current kits better. Once I run out of my current stock I don't plan to restock the side-loading ones. However, I will still be carrying my side-loading bodies in the 19"-20" size.

Doe Suede Bodies - $12.99
(all 20" bodies are temporarily out of stock)

Body Type

NEW! Lacy Baby Blankets

These beautiful baby blankets are finely knitted in England on antique looms that are hundreds of years old. They are sometimes referred to as "spider web" style shawls because of how delicate they are. They are made of very soft and light weight acrylic yarn, and are great for photography props, nursery decoration, or part of a vintage-looking layette for your reborn baby!  They are quite rich and fluffy looking. I just love them!

Click HERE for more pictures.

The blankets are available in 2 sizes: 36" x 36" (perfect size for preemies and small newborns) and 48" x 48" (good for larger newborns, 3 month, and 6 month size dolls). The blankets are handmade, not to mention a bit stretchy, so the exact measurements may vary depending on the blanket and how you measure. The two styles of blankets have slightly different knit patterns. Each are available in 4 different colors: pink, blue, white, and cream.

Please see the bottom of this page or your shopping cart for shipping rates.

Lacy Baby Blankets

Plumpie Rumpie Diapers

5 colors of Plumpie Rumpie diapersPlumpie Rumpie diapers are a unique product of my creation and are unlike any ordinary cloth diaper!  Plumpie Rumpies have a squishy silicone insert in the bottoms to make your reborn bottoms feel "pat-able" and more full, just like real baby bottoms!  They also add height to your baby's bottom for the perfect tummy shots. They have velcro closures and have elastic around the legs and waist for a perfect fit!  The fabric they are made of is sooooo soft and snuggly! Buy one and you will have to have one for every doll in your collection!

See more pictures by clicking HERE.Blue Plumpie Rumpie diaper

Plumpie Rumpies come in 5 different colors. The white diapers are made of micro-fleece, and the colored diapers are made of minky chenille. Size 1 diapers will fit dolls about 18"-22" (depending on how fat the baby's cloth body is), the colored diapers in this size came out slightly smaller. Preemie size diapers will fit dolls about 14"-18" (depending on how fat the baby's cloth body is). The diapers will usually cover up the cloth part on leg caps, but they are not meant to cover up the cloth part on 3/4 legs. The baby shown has full legs with cloth caps.

Not intended for use by real babies. To wash, remove the silicone insert and then machine wash cold, tumble dry. 100% polyester.

Please see the bottom of this page or your shopping cart for shipping rates.

Plumpie Rumpies
Size 1 (0-3 months) - $19.99
Plumpie Rumpies
Preemie - $17.99
Diaper Color
Diaper Color

Please note that if you buy 6 or more diapers at a time you will get 10% off! You must email me to get this discount.

CLEARANCE! Minky Fabric

yellow minky fabricVelvety soft smooth minky chenille/velour in a light yellow color. Stays super soft, even after washing! Fabric is about 60" wide and is made of 100% polyester. Perfect for projects for baby! If you purchase more than one yard it will be in one continuous length. Machine wash cold, tumble dry.

Please see the bottom of this page or your shopping cart for shipping rates.


Minky Fabric - $11.99 NOW only $7.99 /yd


Pre-orders deposits are non-refundable.  Any payment balance will be invoiced when the kits are in stock and ready to ship.


I accept Paypal, money orders, and cashier's checks. I ship within 2 business days of cleared payment (except in the case of pre-orders). If you would like to pay by check or money order, please send me an email. I accept short layaways for purchases totaling $75 or more before shipping. Please email me for details.


I ship within 2 business days of cleared payment (except in the case of pre-orders). I ship to the USA, Canada, Brazil, most European countries, Russia, South Africa, China, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. If you do not see a shipping price when you try to checkout, that means I do not ship to your country. I am not responsible for customs fees. Automatic insurance is included, but extra insurance is not. Domestically, I ship by either First Class Mail (2-4 days) or Priority Mail (1-3 days). Internationally, I ship by either First Class Mail (2-4 weeks) or Priority Mail (7-14) days. Please note that not all shipping methods are guaranteed to be trackable along the way and shipping times can increase around the Christmas rush or if there is a routing issue. Any package can be upgraded to a faster shipping method by request.

Customers in Brazil, China, and South Africa: due to issues shipping to these countries, I will only ship by Express Mail. An extra shipping cost may be invoiced to you after purchase.

I do not ship to Italy, Ukraine, Israel, Greece, or Mexico.

Shipping Rates:

  1 Kit 2 Kits 1-2 Bodies alone Belly plate alone Lacy Baby Blanket Plumpie Rumpie
USA $9.00 $12.00 $2.50 $3.25 $2.50 $3.25
Canada $29.00 $31.00 $7.00 $9.50 $7.00 $9.50
Other Countries $43.50 $48.00 $8.00 $13.50 $13.50 $13.50

Above are the general shipping rates. If purchasing multiple items shipping costs may be different. Please calculate your shipping in the shopping cart for a more accurate quote. If you are buying 3 or more kits, I will need to invoice you for the exact costs since my website only knows how to calculate the shipping cost for up to 2 kits. First Class Mail International service is available to certains countries for around $15-$30 for kits. Please email me if you would like your package shipped by First Class instead of the standard Priority Mail. Insurance is an extra cost for all shipments.

Tracking Numbers:

Please note that Paypal doesn't always automatically send out emails with the tracking info when I print the label. I do provide tracking numbers, but you must check the transaction in your Paypal account to find it.

Return Policy:

Returns are accepted. Please contact me before making a return. Items must be returned in the condition received within 14 days of receiving it. I will then refund your money minus original shipping costs. Buyer pays return shipping. If there is an issue with your purchase when you receive it, please contact me and I will try my best to make it right. All sales are final on sale price merchandise.