Charlotte Full Body Silicone Blank Kit

Charlotte artist proof 2 - $1,850 plus shipping
(layaway available)

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YouTube video showing a Charlotte in EcoFlex 20 silicone

YouTube video comparing EcoFlex 20 and 30 silicone


  • Sculpted by Emily Jameson, molded & poured by Angela Lewis
  • EcoFlex 20 platinum silicone
  • Full sculpted silicone body with a fixed neck (neck cannot move)
  • Midnight blue German glass eyes
  • Takes a full pacifier with a little tongue inside her mouth! (Charlotte comes with one pacifier. If you would like to purchase more pacifiers for her, I recommend using only preemie size pacifiers since her mouth opening is small and newborn or bigger nipples could risk tearing to the silicone. Also, pacifier must be made of silicone since latex will react with the silicone Charlotte is made of.)
  • Artist proof 2 of 2, of a limited edition of 18 dolls
  • 17.5" long (slightly longer if the legs were to be straightened)
  • 12.5" head circumference
  • Weighs about 7lbs
  • Wears small newborn or preemie size clothing

Charlotte will come home with the following:

  • A headband
  • Her special preemie pacifier (please do not use pacifiers larger than preemie for Charlotte, nor pacifiers made of latex.)
  • A diaper
  • Her lush Bean Sprout brand blanket
  • Her numbered and signed certificate of authenticity
  • Care instructions

Sale Details:

Eyes come already cut with sockets molded, but the eyes can be removed for painting and then reinserted. Charlotte's arms were poured separately and then attached. I filled in the seams so that they blend into the doll. Of course, the silicone is strong and the arms being attached does not effect the integrity of the finished doll.

This particular Charlotte is being sold as an unfinished "kit". I had begun to paint her, but I no longer have the time to finish this project. Please take a close look at the photos to see Charlotte's current condition. She has had a layer of flesh color, shading and creases, and veins already painted. I have also already painted the inside of her mouth. The paints I have used on this doll are Genesis Heat Set paints sealed with the Factor2 sealing system. I used flesh 08 for the flesh color and Bountiful Baby's lip color to paint inside the mouth. She has some areas where the flesh color needs touched up, as well as a small tear in the corner of her mouth that needs repaired. The person finishing her should have experience with painting silicone and know how to either use the Factor2 silicone painting system (what I used so far), or be willing to do the work to remove the current paint and start over with a different type of paints. I am selling this doll as-is and cannot give advice on painting or be responsible for issues arising during painting or creating the doll.

Layaway Details:

Up to a 5 month layaway plan is available. Layaway terms will be arranged upfront with the buyer depending on the length needed. I can accept monthly or twice monthly payments. A $350 non-refundable deposit is required to begin the layaway.

Disclaimer about silicone dolls:

Silicone dolls are not toys. I do not recommend them for anyone under about 16 years old. Silicone dolls are unique works of art. With any and all artists' silicones, there are imperfections because the dolls are handmade and not made by machines. They are not totally smooth like a reborn doll. There may be blemishes such as bumps, uneven areas, creases, etc. These things are quite normal for silicone, so I don't consider them flaws, especially since many of these areas will not be noticeable after the doll is painted. Please take this into consideration before purchasing a doll or kit.

Please email me at if you are interested in adopting Charlotte!

(Serious inquiries only please. Please remember that legally I can only sell to those who are 18 years old or older.)