Doll Bodies

Scroll down for more pictures of my doll bodies! Purchase your reborn bodies HERE.

Below is a chart showing what bodies I recommend to try for which popular kits.

19"-20" bodies with 3/4 arms and full legs:

17"-18" bodies with 3/4 arms and full legs:

19"-20" full limb bodies:

17"-18" full limb bodies:

  • Micaiah by Emily Jameson
  • Lindea & Maike by Gudrun Legler
  • Scarlett by Bonnie Brown
  • Lainey by Alicia Toner
  • Will by Natalie Scholl
  • Spencer by Wendy Dickison
  • Noah, Hannah, & Joshua by Reva Schick
  • Sugar & Honey by Donna Rubert
  • Eleanor by Laura Tuzio Ross
  • Seraphina, Franklin, Lauri, & Bjarni by Elisa Marx
  • Bountiful Baby Realborns: Emma, Kase, Presley, & Asher
  • Scarlet by Cindy Musgrove


  • Lilliana, Adelynn, Sweet Cheeks, & Winnie by Emily Jameson
  • Ivy, Angeli, & Coco-Malu by Elisa Marx
  • Josiah, Shylah, & Melody by Laura Tuzio Ross
  • Adrie Stoete's Mix and Match kits (Dimitri, Erin, Eric, Carmen, Sammie, Serah, Annie, Meki, Jamie, etc.)
  • Rose & Deidre by Adrie Stoete
  • Lelou, Milou, Elodie, Michelle, & Milaine by Evelina Wosnjuk
  • Junior by Cassie Brace
  • Livia & Lilian by Gudrn Legler
  • Adelya by Olga Auer
  • Bountiful Baby Realborns: Clyde & Thomas


  • Sawyer by Emily Jameson
  • Chase, Saskia*, & Ellie Sue by Bonnie Brown
  • Azalea, Esme, Knox, Miracle, & Serenity by Laura Lee Eagles
  • Khloe Marie, Ava Noel, Skye, & Sweet Carolina by Marita Winters
  • Ramsey, Sailor Rose, & Sienna Rae by Cassie Brace
  • Alexander, Marc, Rosalie, Anastasia, & Zhenya by Olga Auer
  • Penelope by Alicia Toner
  • Jayden awake by Natalie Scholl
  • Alenya & Mika by Gudrun Legler
  • Luise by Karola Wegerich
  • Ephram by Melody Hess
  • Most 20" Boutiful Baby Realborn kits like: Logan, Kimberly, Owen, June, Alma, Brooklyn, Johannah, Autumn, etc.


  • Levi by Bonnie Brown
  • Xander, LeeLou, Genevieve & Josephine by Cassie Brace
  • Angel by Olga Auer
  • Raleigh & Sydney by Marita Winters
  • Kami Rose, Lil Treasure, Americus, Indie, Atticus, & Journey by Laura Lee Eagles
  • Anthony, Warren, Myloh, & Luca by Laura Tuzio Ross
  • Emalyn by Melody Hess
  • Juno by Priscilla Lopes
  • Kovu by Sabrina Hergarten
  • Adrie Stoete's Mix & Match kits (Dimitri, Erin, Eric, Carmen, Sammie, Serah, Annie, Meki, Jamie, etc.)
  • Most 18" Bountiful Baby Realborn kits like: Darren, Lavender, Ever, Martin, Zuri, Joseph, Laila, Jade, etc.


*This body fits Saskia by Bonnie Brown, but the legs are a bit of a tight fit.