Dolly Wish List

I've had many people ask me if I'm willing to trade things I have for sale. I love trading! The following are items I would be interested in trading for. I prefer to trade within the USA only please.


  • Delilah by Nikki Johnston
  • Manuela by Rafaela Spiandorelli
  • Vivienne and Charlee by Sandy Faber
  • Charlotte (newborn) and Kami Rose by Laura Lee Eagles
  • Maddie by Bonnie Brown
  • Tutti, Yannik, Sue-Sue, by Natali Blick
  • Erin, Carmen, and Mindy by Adrie Stoete
  • Valentina by Elisa Marx
  • Coco/Ivy doll kits or limbs only by Elisa Marx
  • Luca, Warren, and Kodi by Laura Tuzio Ross
  • Juno by Priscilla Lopes
  • Khloe Marie by Marita Winters
  • Lore by Karola Wegerich
  • Mireya by Sheila Mrofka
  • Mia by Iveta Eckertova
  • Leo by Sabine Altenkirch
  • Loulou by Joanna Kazmierczak


  • Diana Effner vinyl dolls
  • Himstedts: Sanrike, Setina, Sinchi, Anne Moni, Jolise, Liska, Bunda
  • Laura Lee mini resin babies Levi, Livi, and Lexi
  • Ten Ping from Ruby Red Galleria
  • RealPuki Ara
  • Lati Yellow S.Belle (ver. 2 body)

OOAK mini babies by artists:

  • Laura Lee Eagles
  • Marita Winters
  • Stork bite bundles
  • Christine OOAKs
  • Rasbubby Hill
  • Kim Van De Wetering
  • Fiorenza Biancheri
  • Jackie Gwin
  • Sherry Miller – Gabby’s Girls
  • Elvira Cece
  • YivArt

Other Items: 

  • CRs Crafts pink magnetic pacifier
  • First Years Safe Comfort pacifiers
  • Baby Biscotti clothing
  • NEXT baby clothing
  • Naartjie baby clothing